Wax Creams

Wax creams are 100% natural creams, which consists of two pure materials: olive oil and beeswax. In beeswax are 300 substances and in combination with the oil give a score rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates and antioxidants, nourishes and tones the skin. It helps in the elasticity. Is antibiotic soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, conditioning and anti-aging effects. Used for burns, cuts, burns, rash, sore nipples during breastfeeding, dry skin, chapped lips even for baby massage.

anaplasi prosopoyRegenerating Face and Neck

Regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes sensitive areas like the face, neck, hands. Also soothes acne and combats dryness. Ingredients: Pure beeswax, olive oil, chamomile oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, carrot oil, argan oil, myrrh, frankincense, mastic, lavender essential oil.

NET 40ml




antiflegmAnti-inflammatory - Whitening

It helps in healing wounds and skin diseases, sores, burns, cuts, burns, freckles, rash. Ingredients: Pure beeswax, olive oil, propolis oils: chamomile, calendula, elder, almond oil, lemongrass essential oil.

NET 40ml



myikoi ponoiFor cooling - muscle aches

Soothes and relieves to rub the affected area, such as the neck and knees. Helps the flu and colds, arthritis and rheumatism. Ingredients: Pure beeswax, olive oil, camphor, oils (rosemary, thyme), essential oils (peppermint, pine, eucalyptus, lavender).

NET 40ml




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